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Self inspection/Internal Audit

Quality inspection types in Zahravi are:


-line clearance

-unannounced inspection

The objective of self-inspection system in Zahravi is:

-       To supervise and evaluate the implementation of GMP principles in every aspect of production, Quality Control and supporting departments such as Maintenance, Warehouse, product Development and Purchasing departments.

-       To evaluate productivity and yield production by each process.

-       To detect weaknesses, gaps and defects in production and Quality Control procedure and operations.

-       To take necessary measures.

-       According to SOP NO. ZWI409038, self-inspection is conducts an annually by a competent team.

Self-inspections are performed by internal auditor team according to a defined procedure and schedule. The purpose of self-inspection is to ensure that all aspects of GMP practices are always complied with by conducting periodical audit, setting corrective action, documentation and training for implementation. In addition, it is also aimed to identify improvement area in the area of inspection