Storage areas have been designed or adapted to ensure good storage conditions. In particular, they are maintained within acceptable temperature and humidity limits. Where special storage conditions are required (e.g., temperature, humidity) these are provided, checked, and recorded. All items in our warehouses are transferred by advanced lift-trucks, side trucks and palette trucks with electrically powered engines with a considerable maneuverability, and the existing space is sufficient to contain all needed items easily.

Receiving and dispatch bays protect materials and products from bad weather.

The finished products are transferred to the related storage, after they were approved by quality control laboratory. The finished products stock volume is declared by marketing manager to the authorized distributor; a purchasing committee in Distributor Company defines its requirement, informs it by fax to Zahravi; marketing manager forwards it to Marketing manager in the factory, who sends all the related goods to the distributor. In the distribution system, there is a central storage from which all the requirements are transferred to different 23 branches throughout the country, according to the stock and sales. The related figures concerning sales to pharmacies, stock, values are reported regularly to Zahravi. Traceability is maintained by knowing the name of branch of distributer and volume of materials which need special storage condition like softgels, which are distributed by refrigerated trucks to keep desired temperature during transportation. Using data loggers during transportation is the most proper way to give assurance of storage condition.